Accelerate and deepen your real estate portfolio analysis and reporting with Qualtik’s Spark.

Spark by Qualtik puts your data at your fingertips, so you can analyze it easily and in real time. Our flexible analytics let you filter your data and look at it from multiple angles quickly, so you get better insights you can use to make astute business decisions and grow your institution.

With Spark, all of your data is in one place. No more gathering bits and pieces from multiple spreadsheets. No more reconciling multiple data formats. Spark lets you quickly filter your data to just what you need, so you can dive into analysis faster.

Unlock insights with Spark

Go beyond document storage. Beyond appraisals. Beyond surface-level stress testing. Get sophisticated analysis and insights you can use to make better decisions that help grow your institution.

Real time portfolio management

and stress testing

Fast, flexible

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Spend less time looking for the information you need, and more time working with it.

With Spark, all of the information about your commercial real estate and other collateralized debt notes is in one place, immediately accessible.

  • Instantly verify important data points in your loan documents

  • Every document is at your fingertips, even your handwritten notes

  • Aggregate all of your documents and information in one place

For Funds

It’s vitally important that you understand what every asset is worth, quickly. You’re evaluating million dollar deals in spreadsheets, which is slow and unscalable. If you could maintain historical data on every deal you’ve ever considered — recall why you bought, sold, or passed on it — you could fold that information into your decision making and move your fund forward.

With Spark, you can take your real estate and collateralized debt portfolio management to the next level. With Spark, get real-time analysis, valuation, and reporting that lets you optimize every asset at every stage.

Get Instant Insights

For Banks

You’ve got a core system, but you export data into spreadsheets for analysis and valuation. You work with third parties for loan review and audits, and whenever they come on site you devote loads of time to finding the information they need just to get started. You have a solution for stress testing, but it doesn’t do everything you want it to do, it doesn’t go deep enough, and it’s not fast enough.

And every time you need to generate a Board report, executive report — ANY report — it takes too long.

Spark is a better way.

Start Saving Time

About us

We are a Portland-based startup working to revolutionize the way people manage real estate assets. We’re building a local team of developers, salespeople, and customer service professionals.


Do you need accurate defensible data to back up your asset valuation?

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