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When conditions are in flux, how do you keep your finger on current value?

Under changing conditions, you need to recalibrate valuation moment by moment. CRE and other collateralized debt values can fluctuate wildly in certain market conditions. Spreadsheets take too much time and the outcomes are obsolete the moment you finish running them. Spark lets you run and re-run valuation and scenario analysis, so you always know what your loan portfolios are worth.

Do you feel a need for speed?

It’s vitally important that you understand what every CRE asset is worth, quickly, so you can optimize the performance of your portfolio. Spreadsheets are never going to get you that level of speed and understanding. Spark gets it done.

All your info in one place

Every document, even your handwritten notes, on every deal you’ve ever even considered, is all in one place. Instantly access not just any document, but any field — current interest rate, loan value, borrower financials, and more.

Real-time analytics

Real-time valuation, scenario analysis, and modeling, for both individual assets and entire portfolios.

Reporting is necessary. Suffering is optional.

With Spark, reporting is fast and painless.

  • Create reports for investors at the drop of a hat.

  • Generate reports for management from multiple perspectives in moments.

  • Asset level reports, portfolio level reports, stress test results, and scenario analysis results all at your fingertips.

Do you want to understand what every real estate note is worth, quickly?

Spark lets you analyze and understand the current state of your loans, in real time. Request a demo to see if Spark is right for your fund.

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